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Cool Panoramic and QTVR Photography Links

Sunshine Day Dream - QTVR's of San Francisco, CA

This was the first really good QTVR site I found and my inspiration. The image map of San Francisco provides a unique way to pick QTVR locations around the city. One of my personal favorites is the one taken from the Twin Peaks hill.

Don Bain's QTVR Collection

This collection is nothing short of amazing. Don has covered most of the Pacific region of the USA with a large collection of high quality QTVR panos.

Short Course in Digital Photography

This superb digital photography course contains a lot of useful technical information.

International Association of Panoramic Photographers, IAPP

The official home of the IAPP and great resource.

Panorama Mailing List Archive

A massive repository of more obscure panoramic photography information. The Panoramic Mailing list is a forum of worldwide panoramic photographers who discuss a wide range of topics. This page allows keyword searches of the entire mailing list archives! If you have an unusual technical problem you have a better chance of finding a solution here than anywhere else.

Panoramic Photography Workshop by is a German site and a great starting point for anyone getting into panoramic photography. A massive resource of digital camera information complete with technical specifications, reviews and sample test images from many digital camera models. If you are considering purchasing a digital camera this is the place to begin.