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El Capitan 138/12kV Substation

El Capitan, a 138/12kV substation located in northwest Las Vegas was modeled in 3D via AutoCAD Map to create construction drawings. This 3D model was imported into 3D Studio MAX 2.5 where materials, textures and lights were applied to create a fully rendered 3D model. Next a virtual camera was placed in the model and a sequence of stills were taken in a circle from a single point creating a 360 degree panorama. These images were then stitched into a single image using Live Picture's PhotoVista. The QTVR files were created using PanaVue's Visual Stitcher application.

The photo sequence, (lower image), was taken with a camera mounted on a tripod. The same applications as above were used for the panoramic stitching and QTVR creation. Unfortunately a fork lift truck was parked in the substation and took up a large part of the field of view, (i.e. reality didn't conform to the virtual world).

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Virtual El Capitan Substation

The Real El Capitan Substation, 07/28/99

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